Moencopi Day School
Home of the Panthers

Welcome To Moencopi Day School

Moencopi Day School is dedicated to providing a challenging academic environment to all of its students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth grades. The Governing Board, Foster Grandparents, Community Volunteers, Classified and Certified Staff are here to prepare the students to be future ready and exceed the standards.

Moencopi Day School is committed to enhancing the classroom environment by installing Whiteboards, iPads, computers, and web based programs, such as Safari Montage, that will enable Tier 1 students to progress at their own pace.

Moencopi Day School believes in maintaining the Hopi Culture and Language. Every student is required to participate in classes that strengthen their usage of the Hopi spoken and written language. They will learn about the History of the Hopi people and develop agricultural skills to continue the self-sustaining ideology.

We are excited about the work ahead. We have a staff of highly qualified caring, compassionate and hardworking people who have high expectations and are honored to receive the privilege to educate your most precious commodity, your student.

Mission Statement:
To provide a positive and safe learning environment, where all students will be academically successful while integrating the uniqueness of their heritage

Vision Statement:
M: Motivating
D: Dreams
S: Successful